Setting up Campus Email for iPhone

Students have requested instructions on how to check campus email on an iPhone. Typically, the UACCM Computer Services does not provide tech support for mobile devices, but they were nice enough to provide this handy walk-through:

On the Home Screen, Select Settings

Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"

Select "Add Account"

Select Microsoft Exchange

Enter exchange account info.
(same as your new email information)

Select Next. The iPhone will attempt to automatically sync with our exchange server

Now a field will appear between Email and Username titled "Server"
The UACCM server you will be using is:

Then you should be good to go!


  1. What are the students email addresses now?
    Is is JohnC.Doe321@uaccm? Or JCDoe321@uaccm?
    How long can I access my emial at the old account?

  2. I tried these same steps as close as possible to android and I could confirm that it will work with android. Awesome!

  3. how do you get it set up for android??

  4. is there a way to link angel to your iphone? just wondering because it would be nice to have it linked as the email account is. oh and the email works great. if someone figures it out my email is

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