Movie Survey

Hey everybody! I know everyone is getting ready for the holidays but I would appreciate it if you could take 47.8 seconds out of your day to take a quick survey! I am in the final stages of securing the movies for the UACCM movie nights and Union Station Presents and thought I’d get some outside input on which movies everyone would like to see. Rather than go and discuss favorite movies with everyone I can find, I just picked some movies that cover a pretty broad range of categories and I just need you to rate them on a scale from 1-10! There is also an option at the very bottom to suggest a movie that isn’t actually on the list! Thanks for the info!


And here is a picture of Santa with a slight hint of garden gnome….

    ()       \
     /        \
 (/    @ @    \)
 (` ._,  ()  ._, ')
  (   `-'   ` -'  )
    \            / 
     \, , ,, , ,/


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