Miss UACCM 2010

This weekend was the 2010 Miss UACCM Pageant. Thank you to everyone who attended and to all of our participants! Here is a list of this year's winners!


Ms. UACCM 2010: Emily Orsburn
1st Alternate: Chelsey Jones
2d Alternate: Morgan Drayton
3d Alternate: Kimberly Lacy
4th Alternate: Brandie Hicks
Prettiest Smile: Chelsey Jones
Prettiest Hair: Morgan Drayton
Prettiest Eyes: Keresa Willbanks
Most Photogenic: Chelsey Jones

Teen Miss UACCM: Madison Meaders
1st Alternate: Kristen Horn
2d Alternate: Hannah Barden
Prettiest Smile: Madison Meaders
Prettiest Hair: Kristen Horn
Prettiest Eyes: Hannah Barden
Most Photogenic: Kristen Horn

Pre-teen Miss UACCM: Mikayla Lemley
1st Alternate: Tiffany Young
2d Alternate: Kersten Shannon
Prettiest Smile: Mikayla Lemley
Prettiest Hair: Kersten Shannon
Prettiest Eyes: Tiffany Young
Most Photogenic: Kersten Shannon

Princess Miss UACCM: Erin Holland
1st Alternate: Hannah Taylor
2d Alternate: Magan Chapman
3d Alternate: Nadia Noland
Prettiest Smile: Hannah Taylor
Prettiest Hair: Nadia Noland
Prettiest Eyes: Emma Tiner
Most Photogenic: Nadia Noland

Little Miss UACCM: Madalynn Lockard
1st Alternate: Kate Chapman
2d Alternate: Kailynn Garis
3d Alternate: Megan Fresneda
Prettiest Smile: Madalynn Lockard
Prettiest Hair: Madalynn Lockard
Prettiest Eyes: Aliza Hady
Most Photogenic: Madalyn Lockard

Petit Miss UACCM: London Huie
1st Alternate: Allison Smithson
2d Alternate: Miley McNew
3d Alternate: Zandrea Gooden
Prettiest Smile: Allison Smithson
Prettiest Hair: Miley McNew
Prettiest Eyes: London Huie
Most Photogenic: Allison Smithson

Tiny Miss UACCM: Adrianna Hicks
1st Alternate: Jaci Riley Livingston
Prettiest Smile: Jaci Riley Livingston
Prettiest Hair: Jaci Riley Livingston
Prettiest Eyes: Jaci Riley Livingston
Most Photogenic: Jaci Riley Livingston

Baby Miss UACCM: Melody Violet Posey
1st Alternate: Ralen Griswell
2d Alternate: Meleaha Puckett
Prettiest Smile: Meleaha Puckett
Prettiest Hair: Meleaha Puckett
Prettiest Eyes: Ralen Griswell
Most Photogenic: Meleaha Puckett


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