Information for Students Receiving Financial Aid

As we prepare for pre-registration next week, there are a few items I would like for you to keep in mind if you are the recipient of financial aid.
1. Pell and loan students need to be taking classes which will be going toward completion of your designated major.

2. Students enrolling in late starting classes may not be eligible for Pell or Loans until after the classes begin.

3. Arkansas Academic Challenge (Lottery scholarship) recipients will need to be enrolled in 15 hours for the Spring semester if you are in the Traditional (graduated in 2010), Returner (had been receiving Challenge every semester since high school graduation), or Current Achiever categories. If you are unsure of the category you were awarded under, you may sign on to the ADHE website and review your award notice or you may contact the Financial Aid Office.

4. Non-traditional Arkansas Academic Challenge (Lottery) recipients semester awards will be as follows:

  • a. 6-8 hours =$ 625
  • b. 9-14 hours=$937.50
  • c. 15 or more hours= $1250

Non-traditional AR Challenge recipients must be in at least 6 hours to be eligible.

5. AR Challenge recipients award amounts will be based on 11th day of spring classes. Classes added during late registration (registrations in Feb & March) will not be counted toward enrollment for AR Challenge purposes.

6. Students will be expected to begin attendance in order for the class to count toward enrollment status. If a student receiving financial aid does not begin attendance in a class, the student will be dropped from the class and receive no aid for the class.

7. Fall 2010 semester grades will be reviewed at the end of the term to determine Pell and Loan eligibility for next term. Students not meeting the requirements will be mailed a notification of ineligibility to the address on file in the Registrar’s office.

8. Priority deadline for applying for the Pell grant and Loans for the Spring semester for pre-registered students: (This is your deadline if you want your aid to be ready before the payment deadline) DECEMBER 3rd. Processed FAFSA, supporting documents such as tax returns and W2’s , and other in office documentation needs to be in our office by this date. These deadlines do not apply to students that have already been awarded Pell and loans for the spring semester.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions.


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