Students R HEROES

Concerned about Alcohol??? Friends? Drugs??? Family?

Get Involved with Students R HEROES
(Students Responsible for Health Education, Recovery Opportunities and Enthusiastic Support.)
  • Students R HEROES meetings on October 28 and November 18 
  • Non-Trad Chat meetings on October 7, November 2, and November 30
All meetings are held during X Period (12:05 – 12:50) at the Business Technology Center Room 206 Bring Your Lunch!

  • Care about the health and safety of peers/family
  • Offer responsible options for alcohol, drugs and tobacco
  • Provide special events for UACCM students
  • Offer alternate ways to have fun
  • Inform and educate
  • Help save lives
  • Sponsor Prizes and Giveaways
Interested in HEROES? Contact Ms. Lynn R. Baker, Business Technology Center Room 200; 501-977-2012;


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