Thursday, March 18 Events

Just in: Todd Steffy's classes are canceled today.

Good morning, UACCM! Spring break is near! Only a couple of days worth of classes stand between you and a weeklong vacation! Here are a few things going on today, in case you've missed them:
  • Drunk & Dangerous/Get Carded Safe Spring Break Activity, 11:00 am-1:00 pm, sidewalk between BTC and FA buildings. Come by and race some remote controlled cars while wearing vision impaired goggles. Bring your student I.D. and you'll get "carded" to win some free stuff. The Safe Spring Break Week 2010 wraps up today with this event. 
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings! Check out the student organizations that are meeting today as well as the times and locations of the meetings on the left of this page. 
  • The Intramural Sports Partner Fitness Challenge, 12:10 pm, Union Station. Grab a partner and head to Union Station to test your stamina and endurance while doing sit-ups, push-ups, an obstacle course, a relay run, and tug of war! Events will be timed, and winners will receive a shiny new medal. ALL participants will receive a t-shirt. 
  • The spring 2010 Choir Concert, 7:30 pm, Fine Arts Auditorium will have the theme "A Little Bit of Everything" and will feature songs from a number of musical periods throughout history. The concert is being offered free for students and community members, and concessions will be available for purchase during the event. 
Have a good one!


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