Monday, March 15: Let Safe Spring Break Week Begin

It may be Monday, but doesn't knowing that next Monday will mark the beginning of your spring break week make it so much easier? One class cancelation to start the day off:
  • Lewis Hunt (biology instructor) is out, and his classes are canceled today.
Did you notice our new Twitter feed at the top of this blog page? From now on, class cancelations will be posted there instead of here in our blog posts so we can reserve the space here for more...umm...interesting reading. There will be exceptions, of the case that half of the entire UACCM faculty is out due to swine flu, bird flu, or some other pandemic, we'll take the space in the blog to tell you about it (that would certainly be interesting enough reading). If you want to follow us on Twitter, click the link up top. We'll gladly let you tag along. 

It's Safe Spring Break week! Click here to read more about all the activities going on this week, and click here to read about how to win a Wii gaming package at the SGA Scavenger Hunt. 

Intramural Bracketology begins today. Read on for more info...Come by Union Station today and grab a bracket or check your student e-mail to print off your own bracket, fill it out and bring to Union Station by Tuesday before 4pm, March 16 to get in on the action.

Points will be given for each game in this manner:
  • 100 points for choosing the correct play in game winner (64 v 65)
  • 5 points for choosing the correct winner of a game
  • 25 points for choosing the correct sweet 16
  • 25 points for choosing the correct elite 8
  • 50 points for choosing the correct Final Four
  • 75 points for choosing the correct championship game
  • 25 points for choosing a team that makes it to the championship game
  • 100 points for choosing the correct national champion 
Have a great Monday!


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