The Hunt is (Almost) On!

Next week marks the Student Government Association's Scavenger Hunt! The hunt begins on Monday, March 15 and ends on Friday, March 19 (or until the object is found). Clues will be posted in Union Station at 10:00 am each day until it's found! Read on for rules, tips, etc.: 
  1. The object will be visible to the naked eye.
  2. There will be no need to disassemble anything to find the object.
  3. The object will not be on, in, or on top of any UACCM building.
  4. There will be no need to climb on or go inside of a building to find the object.
  5. The object will be located outdoors on the UACCM campus.
  6. There will be no need to uncover a manhole or any piece of maintenance equipment.
  7. Once the object is found, please follow listed instructions.
The winner of the SGA Scavenger Hunt 2010 will receive a complete Nintendo Wii Game system including the games Guitar Hero 5, Super Mario Brothers, and Active Fitness Kit. Keep your eyes peeled and good luck!


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