"What the heck is Quickball?!?"

The next intramural sports event on the schedule is Quickball. Rosters are now available to sign up for this exciting game and the deadline to sign up is fast-approaching on February 23 (play will begin on March 1). Now you might be thinking "What the heck is Quickball?" Read on to find out.

Quickball is “Quick Baseball,” a national baseball enhancement program that was created in 1996 and is now the official grass roots program of Cal Ripken Baseball. Quickball has developed into one of the fastest-growing recreational baseball programs and is currently being played by thousands of students on college campuses throughout the country. Through all of its growth, the mission of all Quickball programs and game equipment has remained the same – make baseball more fun and easier to play, regardless of one's skill level. Quickball includes a wide range of challenging baseball games that can be played by as few as two or as many as 30 people. Team rules systems range from the ultra-competitive 4-on-4 Fast Pitch to the novice-friendly Diamond Derby™. All Quickball rules emphasize fast-paced play and non-stop action on the diamond. If you participate in intramural Quickball, you'll have the opportunity to learn why it's considered America’s favorite fastime!

About the Games...

They're simple and fun. The important thing to remember as you participate in Quickball activities is to just have fun and play ball! For more information about Quickball games, official rules, etc., visit www.quickball.com or stop by Union Station and speak with Kelley Roach.


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