Fall 2009 Honor Students Announced

UACCM has announced the Chancellor’s Scholars and Academic Honors lists for the fall 2009 semester. The Chancellor’s Scholars list is comprised of full-time students who completed at least 12 college-level credit hours with a 4.00 grade point average. Students named as Chancellor’s Scholars for the spring 2009 semester include:

Adona—Connie L. Cates and Christina M. Fennell

Atkins—Rachel E. Brixey, Glen D. Henke, Lisa A. Nelson, Tracey L. Race, and Jennifer K. Warren

Batesville—William G. Gatlin

Bigelow—Brandon S. Baxter, Jessica L. Harvey, and Jennifer L. McGinty

Cabot—Carlton J. Hodge

Conway—Bethany A. Ahne, Crystal A. Baker, Aaron T. Black, Denise E. Burton, Deborah K. Cameron, Alexander C. Dunn, Kathleen J. Hall, Jared C. Hogan, Monica J. Humphrey, Katie S. Kubisty, Kassi D. Lowry, Allison E. Muller, Blake E. Pearson, Samantha J. Porter, Katherine S. Simmons, Lindsay N. Turnage, and Alexander J. Worm

Damascus—Shauna M. Bradford

Danville—Heath E. Hays

Dardanelle—Mickelynn V. Childers and Jessica W. Lawhon

Dover—Rodney R. Koster, Lucas E. Scott, and Beatrice R. White

Enola—Amanda L Pearce

Greenbrier—James M. Beene, Heather N. Broom, Brandi J. Howard, Samuel J. Kelley, Mitchell L. Reynolds, and Marisa J. Robinson

Greenwood—William T. Schichtl

Hattieville—Sarah A. Gaines and Nikki L. Hampton

Houston—Denise O. Williams

Jerusalem—Brenda K. Parker

Leslie—Jonathan G. Jaeger

Marshall—Halen D. Harris

Menifee—Tramayne C. Webster

Morrilton—Sandra L. Campbell, Kenneth R. Fugate, Christian E. Haney, Jennifer M. Harrell, Donald P. Higgins, Ryan M. Huffman, Lukas R. Johnston, Ricky L. Neal, Kimberly D. Peacock, Michael W. Roberts, Joshua D. Ruble, Lagina G. Russell, Gerald A. Thomas, and Jacquelyn A. Thomas

North Little Rock—Allison N. Jarvis

Oppelo—Deandra L. Beck

Paron—Amanda L. Burns

Perryville—Ashley L. McCormack and Brad W. Parks

Plumerville—Stanley E. Goatcher and Shannon K. Walker

Pottsville—Daniel D. Brinker and Lester O. Welshans, Jr.

Russellville—Aubrey R. Hoult and Donna G. Olson

Springfield—Bethany R. Baca, Tiffany D. Biggers, Victoria V. Jackson, and Stephanie M. Yancey

Vilonia—Jason J. Baldwin, Sophie N. Campbell, Rose A. Elsinger, and Shawna J. Shannon

The Academic Honors list consists of full-time students who completed at least 12 college-level credit hours with a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99. Students on the Academic Honors list for the fall 2009 semester include:

Adona—Jamie M. Lentz

Atkins—Alyssa M. Alvey, Corene Dovers, Andrew R. Crocker, Brock A. Gullett, Christy E. Turley, and Lisa M. Wiles

Bee Branch—Eric C. Cargile

Belleville—Randall W. Dixon

Bigelow—Christian Jacquez

Cleveland—Gary R. Pulliam and Joy L. Warner

Clinton—Heather R. Edens, Leslie J. Hobbs, Justin C. Huggins, Corey A. McDonald, Andrew J. Poppe, Ashley M. Reece, and Lorraine P. Sheets

Conway— Dylan S. Adams, Chance J. Armstrong, Kristopher B. Asbury, Ambra D. Baatz, Michael W. Bailey, Frank L. Bates, Denise D. Caldwell, Angelia J. Chastain, Matthew A. Dail, Jessica D. Dye, Amber D. Fitzwater, James L. Garnett, Nicholas A. Golleher, Alisha N. Gray, Sherry A. Harmon, Jeffrey L. Hildebrand, Brittany M. Hudspeth, Jessica A. Hughes, Preston L. Kordsmeier, Cory M. Moix, Lindsey V. Nabholz, Kristina D. Ong, Jennafer J. Pruitt, Douglas A. Roisen, Amy E. Rutherford, Rachael N. Smith, Mary R. Strack, Robyn M. Taylor, Joshua A. Terry, Brandi M. Thines, Kendra V. Thomas, Ruby N. Tollison, and Kerri L. Williams

Damascus—Caid D. Lucas

Dardanelle—Magen R. Cunningham, David A. Sanchez, Matthew S. Sanchez, and Elizabeth M. Tinsley

Dover—Palmer R. Goyne, April M. Hudson, Andrea K. Hull, and Sharon L. Metzer

Fairfield Bay—John A. Torres

Greenbrier—Kimberly D. Collier, Shelia T. Foscue, Michael R. Hogan, Timothy A. Nichols, Brandon J. Powers, Melissa A. Smith, and Kaki R. Tapley

Greers Ferry—Judy A. Vint

Harriet—Teresa M. Vickers

Hattieville—Tanya L. Chadwick, Tara L. Eldridge, and Heather D. Spires

Havana—Tyler S. McDaniel

Hector—Talon M. Anderson and Randall L. Banks

Houston—Cher-Ann Barnett, Eugene W. Flucht, and Sirenity Smith

Judsonia—Kendall W. Chasteen

Little Rock—Lisa N. Pounders and James B. Stone

Mayflower—Tracy M. Smith

Morrilton—Janet K. Brown, Stephanie K. Campbell , Cody W. Cogdell, Lindsey B. Jennings, Emily B. Johannes, Leah M. Johns, Shawn R. Kyle, Sandra L. Potts, and John C. Widner

North Little Rock—Sydney M. Walker

Oppelo—Zachary B. Wilcox

Paris—Andrew C. Townsend

Paron—Nicole M. Taylor

Perry—Russell L. Bench, Jimmy D. Parker, II, and Terri D Williams

Perryville—Misty M. Burgess, Joshua L. Dewees, Chelsea L. Hubbard, Christopher A. Johnson, Stephanie K. Jones, Kelly N. Lovell, Marisa R. Shaloski, and Trisha A. Wewer

Russellville—Joseph B. Aich, Christina N. Allan, Denise E. Chaknine, Lana K. Cornwell, Cash D. Crowley, Mikel L. Driggers, Guy A. Freeling, Sharie A. Grimes, Adrienne L. Moore, Matt L. Pattermann, Douglas R. Qualls, Raul Rodriguez, Ashley N. Sierra, and Joshua L. Treas

Solgohachia—Jared L. Andres

Vilonia—Melissa L. Starr and Mark A. West


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