UACCM Pageant Winners

We've already told you who was recently crowned your new Miss UACCM in an earlier post, but here are the rest of the results from the pageant, just in case you were wondering. You can find more photos on our Facebook Page...

2009 Baby Miss UACCM, Carsyn Hardy, 9 months, daughter of Robert Hardy and Courtney Meadows, Pottsville
1st Alternate, Karlee Millsap, 9 months, daughter of Lee Millsap and Karra Taylor, Conway
2nd Alternate, Jaci Livingston, 3 ½ months, daughter of Jason and Kira Livingston, Vilonia
3rd Alternate, Holly Hickman, 10 months, daughter of Blake and Samantha Hickman, Dardanelle

2009 Tiny Miss UACCM, Laikyn McGhee, 13 months, daughter of Jordan Hinesley and Jordan McGhee, Conway
1st Alternate, Kierstyn Hoppe, 22 months, daughter of Justin and Katelyn Hoppe, Conway
2nd Alternate, Alysah Caldwell, 11 months, daughter of Steven and Jami Caldwell, Greenbrier
3rd Alternate, Emmaryson Ballard, 18 months, daughter of Jacob and Ayndrea Ballard, Vilonia

2009 Petite Miss UACCM, Adan Killins, 3 years, daughter of Daron and Brittany Killins, Atkins
1st Alternate, Whitlee Patterson, 3 years, daughter of Kevin and Mandy Patterson, Oppelo
2nd Alternate, Keira Manning, 2 years, daughter of Chance and April Manning, Morrilton
3rd Alternate, Bethany Langley, 2 years, daughter of Ricky and Misty Johnson, Perryville

2009 Little Miss UACCM, Kailynn Garis, 4 years, daughter of Amanda Garis, Springfield
1st Alternate, Katrina Billiot, 5 years, daughter of Dustin and Rachel Martinez, Damascus

2009 Princess Miss UACCM, Shelby Flory, 10 years, daughter of Tim and Teresa Flory, Morrilton
1st Alternate, Kayla Caldwell, 8 years, daughter of Steven and Jami Caldwell, Greenbrier
2nd Alternate, Ann-Marie Ison, 10 years, daughter of David and Rebecca Nietch and Brian and Gina Ison, Conway
2009 Preteen Miss UACCM, Whitley Madison, 13 years, daughter of Nick and Angie Madison, Dardanelle
1st Alternate, Mikayla Lemley, 11 years, daughter of Scott and Kim Lemley, Morrilton
2nd Alternate, Hope Ison, 13 years, daughter of David and Rebecca Neitch and Brian and Gina Ison, Conway

2009 Teen Miss UACCM, Caroline Pruitt, 15 years, daughter of Steve and Clair Pruitt, Morrilton
1st Alternate, Skylar Collins, 14 years, daughter of Lorrie Ellis and Brant and Heather Collins, Hector
2nd Alternate, Brittney Carrington, 14 years, daughter of Mike and Cindy Wheeler, Conway
3rd Alternate, Cara Martin, 16 years, daughter of Harold Cook and Alisha Naquin, Morrilton


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