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Good news, UACCM! The college has recently added additional wireless access points on campus. Currently, wireless internet access is available in the Library Complex, Business Technology Center and portions of the Kirk building including the new Union Station Student Center. These areas allow you to connect to the internet with your personal laptop using your wireless card.

Remember: laptops can only be used for wireless connection on campus and you are still under the UACCM Computer Usage Policy when using your laptop. The wireless access is intended for UACCM student use only and is only available during normal operating hours of the campus. Wireless access is not available at night (when classes are not in session) nor is it available on weekends.

Finally, if you want to check out a laptop to use in the new Library Complex, they are availabkle. This allows students to go into a quiet area of the library and use a laptop for study or research. These laptops also contain the latest version of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint.) Note: you will need your driver's license in order to check out a laptop, and the laptops cannot be taken outside of the library (we would hate for that embarassing alarm to go off!)

Hopefully, wireless access will continue to expand across campus in the future!


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