Thursday, October 8 at UACCM

Good morning, UACCM. Here's a  look at what's happening today at UACCM:

The following instructors/staff members are out today (classes NOT cancelled unless otherwise noted):
  • Marilyn Thomas
  • Mariah Leonard
  • Margie Fillinger
  • Karen Fielder
  • John Southerland
  • Gail Moses
  • Bobby Duvall
  • Debbie Rodgers
  • Danny Gifford (afternoon refrigeration class cancelled)
  • Dane Blanchard (classes cancelled)
Check the calendar at left to check out what's going on today at UACCM. Don't forget, Intramural Flag Football is going on this afternoon (if the rain holds out). There is an intramural game beginning at 2:15 pm and another at 3:15 pm east of the University Center if you are around and wanna' check it out.

Don't miss your chance to go to Japan! Click on the calendar to the left for more info. And finally, don't forget that tonight's Starlight Cinema is postponed until further notice. Have a great day, UACCM!


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