Whoa! That's alotta bodies!

We knew there were a lot of students around here this semester (take a look at the parking lots) but we had no idea there were this many! Preliminary enrollment numbers collected during the last day of late registration for the fall semester at UACCM showed that the college has experienced a 24.6 percent increase in students when compared to the last day of late registration for the fall 2008 semester, with 2,477 students this semester compared to 1988 at the same time last year.

Official numbers will not be released until the eleventh class day; however, the fall 2009 semester is poised to be one of the three largest increases in the 48-year history of the institution and the largest single-year increase experienced since 1997. Additionally, the fall 2009 semester marks the first time in UACCM history when more than 2000 credit students are enrolled in a semester. At this time, 40 percent of UACCM students are enrolled in Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees for university transfer, 52 percent are enrolled in Associate of Applied Science degrees and certificates designed for direct job placement, and 8 percent are enrolled as high school students, non-degree seeking students, undecided majors, and visiting students. More information will be released when the Arkansas Department of Higher Education releases official numbers for the fall semester.


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