And We're Off!

G'morning, all. The fall 2009 semester has officially begun, and by the looks of things, UACCM is already in full swing this morning! Haven't made it to class yet and don't know where you're going? Have a map: Just wanted to tell you why you should follow this blog if you are a student. Two words: class cancellations. That's can take a look at this blog before you head to class to find out if your instructor has cancelled your class or if inclement weather has closed campus. If you see your class on the list, you may be able to roll over and catch a few more Z's, and there's nothing bad about that, right? Watch the blog throughout the day for updates on events, meeting times, etc. and constantly stay in the loop. You can follow us on Twitter, too. Have a great first day, and you'll hear from us again soon.


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