Tuition Deadline...Tomorrow!

If you have pre-registered for your fall classes at UACCM, TOMORROW (Friday, July 31) is the tuition payment deadline! If you don't make a tuition payment or set up the e-cashier payment plan (more on that below) by this date, your classes will be dropped and you will have to re-enroll during regular registration on August 11-13. Trust me, you do not want to do that!

Don't have the cash on you right now? Sign up for the e-cashier easy payment plan and enjoy a monthly payment option. This is not a loan program, so you don't have to pay interest. It simply gives you more time to pay your tuition bill. For more information or to get started,
click here and click on "Pay Online" on the right side.

Receiving financial aid? Financial aid recipients will be able to remain enrolled in classes if all required paperwork is complete in the Financial Aid Office by Friday, July 31. For more information, stop by UACCM or call (501) 977-2000.

Hope finals went well, and we'll see you in a few weeks!


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