Just the FACTS, ma'am

Happy Wednesday, everybody. If you're already registered but are not sure how you're going to pay your tuition for the upcoming fall semester, here's something that just might help make it a little easier for you:

Pre-registered students have until July 31 to pay your tuition accounts in full or sign up for the FACTS easy payment plan. This easy payment plan lets you make 4 easy payments throughout the semester that can be automatically drafted from your checking or savings accounts or a credit card (sorry, no VISA cards accepted). The best part is, you don't have to pay interest! The only cost to sign up is $25 each semester to get the automatic draft set up.

Anyone registering during regular registration (August 11-13) can sign up for the FACTS payment plan until August 18 or will be expected to pay in full at the cashier window when registering. Check with one of faces behind the Students Accounts windows in the University Center for more information.

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