Interested in Criminal Justice? Check This Out!

Did you know that UACCM is among 19 colleges and universities across the state who are collaborating with the University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute to provide Arkansas law enforcement officers with the unique opportunity to earn certificates and Associate of Applied Science degrees in Crime Scene Investigation and Law Enforcement Administration? Both programs are available exclusively to sworn Arkansas law enforcement officers and will allow them to complete certificate and degree programs at a fraction of the normal cost. This is an extraordinary educational opportunity for Arkansas officers that will greatly enhance the professionalism of law enforcement agencies.

Rapid advances in the forensic sciences have had a tremendous impact on criminal investigations. New technologies and techniques provide investigators today with more resources than ever before to successfully process crime scenes. The Crime Scene Investigation program has been designed to provide law enforcement practitioners with the opportunity to understand and utilize these resources. Through hands-on instruction and access to experts in the field, participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and appropriately document, collect, preserve, and store evidence from a crime scene, ultimately assisting them in solving more crime in their communities.

The Law Enforcement Administration program is designed to prepare law enforcement professionals for the unique challenges they will face as supervisors and agency heads. Utilizing proven management principles specific to law enforcement, participants will learn how to better meet the needs of their personnel and constituents. In addition, they will develop needed skills in critical areas of law enforcement management, including communication, case law, agency development, and much more.

To successfully complete a program, officers will be required to take special courses through the Criminal Justice Institute along with general education courses at UACCM. For more information on the program available at UACCM, contact the Office of Admissions at (501) 977-2053.


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