And the Honors go to...

UACCM has announced the Chancellor’s Scholars and Academic Honors lists for the spring 2009 semester. Congrats to all who made it!

The Chancellor’s Scholars list is made up of full-time students who completed at least 12 college-level credit hours with a 4.00 grade point average. Students named as Chancellor’s Scholars for the spring 2009 semester include:

Atkins—Tracey L. Rodgers and Jennifer K. Warren
Batesville—Matthew W. Rorie
Bee Branch—Andrew T. Kuipers
Bigelow—Jennifer L. McGinty and Veronica N. Sutton
Cabot—Timothy E. Frazier
Clinton—Bryan A. Standley
Conway—Aaron T. Black, Jessica H. Bomer, Darris L. Bowling, Laura L. Fields, Nicholas A. Golleher, Kathleen J. Hall, Carlton J. Hodge, Jared C. Hogan, Steven D. Jones, Brianna K. Lambe, Whitney A. Linville, Cory M. Moix, Allison Muller, Samantha J. Porter, Julianne A. Razo, Katherine S. Simmons, Joshua A. Terry, Lindsay N. Turnage, Grace A. Waldner, and Patrick J. Wendel
Damascus—Jace A. Stephens
Dardanelle—Jessica W. Lawhon and David A. Sanchez
Dover—Beatrice R. White
Enola—Amanda L. Pearce
Greenbrier—Samuel J. Kelley, Paula R. Riddle, and Melissa A. Smith
Hattieville—Sarah A. Gaines
Hector—Talon M. Anderson
Jerusalem—Brenda K. Parker
Lamar—Rolana P. Havener
Leslie—Jonathan G. Jaeger
Morrilton—Ambra D. Baatz, Cody W. Cogdell, Donald P. Higgins, Angela J. Holt, and Kim D. Peacock
North Little Rock—Allison N. Jarvis
Plainview—Lisa A. Simington
Plumerville—Shannon K. Walker
Quitman—Melissa G. Wilson
Russellville—Cash D. Crowley, Guy A. Freeling, and Jordan M. Worley
Shirley—John A. Torres
Solgohachia—Johnnie Britton
Springfield—Victoria V. Jackson and Emily K. Kellar
Wooster—Stan L. Lentz
Vilonia—Rose A. Elsinger

The Academic Honors list consists of full-time students who completed at least 12 college-level credit hours with a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99. Students on the Academic Honors list for the spring 2009 semester include:

Adona—Connie L. Cates and Christina M. Fennell
Atkins—Alyssa M. Alvey, Corene M. Dovers, Austin J. Ford, Brock A. Gullett, and Jamie M. LaGrange
Bee Branch—Eric B. Cargile
Bigelow—Magen R. Presley
Center Ridge—Bethany R. Baca
Clarksville—Jeenee Xiong
Cleveland—Kevin D. Hill
Clinton—Julie A. Bonds, Leslie J. Hobbs, Justin C. Huggins, Crystal G. Knight, Shelly R. Norris, Dianna K. Olmstead, and Lorraine P. Sheets
Conway—Dylan S. Adams, Trent E. Adams, Bethany A. Ahne, Tyler C. Allgood, Chance J. Armstrong, Savannah E. Baker, James K. Bloodworth, Yvonne D. Britton, Katelyn E. Bruner, Denise D. Caldwell, Katie E. Conine, Holly D. Cooper, Lauren M. Davis, Kevin M. Doolin, George B. Doty, II, Ashton K. Dougherty, Amber L. Fitzwater, Alisha N. Gray, Shiuvaun M. Hebert, Charles R. Hickey, Brandy L. Horton, Sarah E. Hubbard, Wendy G. Jones, Christy N. Leigh, Tiffany M. Long, Kassi D. Lowry, David T. Matthews, Roger W. Maynard, Rejab A. Mazora, Theresa E. McFarland, Aubrey J. McIntyre, Pele E. Passalaqua, Blake E. Pearson, Brandon L. Reeves, Kent G. Taylor, Angela R. Washington, and Anthony R. West
Damascus—Caid D. Lucas
Danville—Kayla D. Bumgarner
Dardanelle—Magen R. Cunningham
Dover—Elizabeth M. Henderson and Sharon Metzer
Elaine—Taylor O.Bryant
Enola—Carla F. Ramsey
Greenbrier—Keleigh C. Blevins, Jennifer L. Burge, Jessica L. Hoover, Adam J. Naset, Tabitha R. Smuck, and Jason K. Spears
Greers Ferry—Judy A. Vint
Hattieville—Debbie L. Eldridge
Hector—Moriah D. Underhill
Higden—Nicole L. Hammett
Houston—Kylee N. Hickey
Jerusalem—Ryan E. Squires
Jessieville—Matthew T. Wood
Jonesboro—Jeremy G. Thompson
Judsonia—Kendall W. Chasteen
Little Rock—Lisa N. Pounders
Mabelvale—Michelle R. Lewis
Mayflower—Carrol A. Jacob and Justin S. Wisniewski
Menifee—Tramayne C. Webster
Morrilton—Christopher J. Boren, Regina A. Keelin, Ashley N. Robin, John P. Ruff, and Alexandria A. Westmoreland
Oppelo—Amanda N. Hinkle
Paris—Andrew C. Townsend and Austin K. Willis
Perryville—Melissa M. Knight, Ashley McCormack, and Rachael A. McGill
Plainview—Jakob K. Treadwell
Plumerville—Melissa D. Kinslow and Spencer P. Thomas
Pottsville—Daniel D. Brinker and Clayton D. Titsworth
Russellville— Shawn R. Allen, Victor L. Allison, Terri L. Altman, Susanna L. Erwin, Matthew T. Goodson, Sharie A. Grimes, Dustin W. House, Fred D. Martin, Joshua D. Phillips, Teresa D. Phillips, Terry A. Skinner, and Brittany L. Tirrell
Scotland—Crystal A. Baker
Shirley—Wendy J. Wagner
Solgohachia—Adrienne M. Beck
Vilonia—Kevin M. Beadle, Teddy L. Maxwell, Bryce D. Miller, Jordan A. Riley, Melissa L. Starr, and Brandon T. Stocks


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