Who's Missing Spring Fling?

There are several people out today...unfortunately they are missing one of the many fun campus events we have throughout the year...Spring Fling! Read a couple of posts down to find out more about this event. It looks like it will be a b-e-a-utiful day, so stop by between classes and enjoy some free food and a good time. Now on to today's cancellations:
  • Larry Lachowsky (drafting/surveying) - Classes cancelled
  • Lewis Hunt (biology) - Classes cancelled
  • Susan Pardee (math) - Classes cancelled
  • Alice Dixon - Classes NOT cancelled
  • Margie Fillinger (early childhood development) - Conference
  • Marilyn Thomas (health sciences & adult ed.) - Conference

Well, that about does it. Don't forget about the free swing, jazz, and big band concert on campus tomorrow evening. Have a good one!


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