UACCM Got in Shape for Spring Break

Students, faculty, and staff at UACCM recently participated in the “Get in Shape by Spring Break” weight loss competition to get ready for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. The program, which ran for seven weeks prior to spring break, resulted in the loss of hundreds of pounds and a large percentage of bodyweight by participants.

Faculty and staff members, motivated by a cash prize, lost a total of 230 pounds throughout the competition, resulting in a 5.3 percent loss of their total bodyweight. UACCM Mathematics Instructor Shannon Vaughn was the overall winner of the employee competition, having lost a whopping 13.1 percent of his total bodyweight. He gained nearly $300 as a result of the win. Other employee big losers included:

  • UACCM Drafting and Surveying Instructor Larry Lachowsky—11.3 percent

  • UACCM Accountant Dawn Fitch—8.5 percent

UACCM students also participated in the contest, losing 126 pounds and 4.5 percent of their total body weight. Student Pam Chafton was the overall winner, losing 12.1 percent. Chafton won $100 from the UACCM Student Government Association for her efforts. Other student big losers included:

  • Kevin Beadle—9.8 percent; $50 winner

  • Luke Marlett—9.6 percent; $25 winner

For many UACCM faculty and staff members, the contest may have just ended, but their journey to healthier lives is just beginning. Plans are already being made to hold a “Stay in Shape” contest throughout the remainder of the year to help motivate participants to continue their weight loss progress. Congratulations to all who participated in the contest and met their goals, and good look in future healthy-living endeavors!


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