TGIF, Charlie Brown, and Amore

Happy Friday, y'all. Hope you are all ready for a relaxing and FUN weekend. Here are today's missing people:

  • Tom McLeod (math)
  • Heather Solano (business) - Conference
  • Nanette Lareau (business) - Conference
  • Linda Jaramillo (humanities, social sciences, and math)

Just a reminder: be sure to catch "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" tonight and tomorrow evening at 7:30 and on Sunday afternoon at 2:30 in the Fine Arts Auditorium. I caught the opening performance last night, and believe me it's well worth your time. Best of all, it's FREE for all k-12 and UACCM students (think cheap date, people.)

Down in Foggy London Town

Thinking about getting away next spring break? Though it seems far away, it's really just around the corner. If a trip to beautiful and historic London sounds good to you, mark your calendars for next Thursday, April 30, when a representative from EF Tours will be on campus to discuss the travel plans for the London trip, scheduled to be led by UACCM instructors Tina Lake and Gretchen Schol during spring break 2010. You don't have to sign up at the meeting (but you can if you want), and you will learn more about travel locations during the tour, pricing, and payment options. So stop by the conference room in the Kirk Building (next to the student center) next Thursday at 3:30 pm to find out more. For more info, contact Tina Lake at


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