UACCM Journeys to Japan on EF Tours

Two World Literature instructors will lead students and interested community members to discover the mystery of Japan during an EF Educational Tour. EF is the world’s largest private educational organization with offices and schools in over 50 countries. EF offers language travel and cultural exchange programs for students of all ages and is dedicated to breaking down barriers of language, geography and culture. 
Lyndsey Daniel and Karen Caig will take a group to explore Japan during the May 2010 Intercession. Travelers may be able to choose to take a 3-hour humanities course on Japan in addition to the trip. Currently, Arkansas hosts many students from Japan at its major universities, and a knowledge of the Japanese culture is becoming increasingly important in global business. UACCM recently created a Japanese Club (Otaku Club) to accommodate the growing interest in Japan.
Those who register with a $95.00 deposit by January 31, 2009 can lock in the 2008 tour prices of $2954 for students and $3289 for non-students. The trip features round-trip airfare, 7 overnight stays in hotels with private bathrooms, breakfast and dinner daily, a full-time bilingual EF Tour Director, 2 sightseeing tours in Tokyo  and Kyoto, and visits to the Meiji Shinto Shrine, Asakusa Kannon Temple, Nijo Castle, Heian Shrine and Garden, Gold Pavilion, Osaka Castle, a Sumida River cruise, and more.
For more information, visit Anyone can enroll online by following the steps:  
  1. <>
  2. Select the "students/parents" at the top of the screen
  3. On the bottom right hand corner of this screen they will see text that reads "Get Started" in orange; they will select "Enroll in my teacher's tour" below this text. 
  4. They will then be asked to enter their tour number; the tour number is 698564 for Caig or 690123 for Daniel
  5. The next screen will ask them to confirm the information on the screen
  6. After they confirm this information, the next screen will ask them to enter their credit card information pay their $95.00 deposit to enroll them.
For specific questions, contact Karen at or Lyndsey at 


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