Whoa! That's a lot of Bodies!

The numbers are in, and UACCM has reported another record enrollment for the spring 2009 semester! 1914 students were officially registered for classes on the 11th day of class. This makes for an increase of 15.6 percent over the spring 2008 semester. Initial (sight) reports indicate that UACCM parking lots must be at least 15.6 percent fuller this semester. Take a look at this semester’s student population:

  • Full-time students - 64 percent
  • Part-time students - 36 percent
  • Average age of total student enrollment – 26
  • Males – 39 percent
  • Females – 61 percent
County of Residence:
  • Conway – 23 percent
  • Faulkner – 38 percent
  • Perry – 6 percent
  • Pope – 17 percent
  • Van Buren – 6 percent
  • Yell – 5 percent
  • Other counties – 5 percent

Students enrolled in technical, business, health, and service-related occupational programs account for 54 percent of the student body.

Students pursing Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees, two-year degrees designed for university-transfer, also account for 38 percent of credit students.

The remaining 8 percent are non-degree seeking students, undeclared majors, and concurrently enrolled high school students.


  1. So that is two girls for every guy?

  2. Even though the parking is a little crowded at times, at least we don't have one of those horrible color code parking systems

  3. WOW im liking the girl to guy ratio....

  4. It's interesting that most of UACCM's students come from outside the institution's home county.

    By the by, are "sight" reports commonly used to generate institutional statistics at UACCM?

  5. Faulkner County has been holding steady with around 35-40 percent of our students coming from there for several years, and the "sight" reports aren't used for any scientific purposes...just to inject a little casual observation into the blog!

    Thanks for all the comments!


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