Get Inspired with PBL

Need some motivation in your life? If so, plan to attend “Winning Is Within Your Reach” by J. Duey Hatton on Tuesday, February 10 during X-period in the Fine Arts Auditorium. Hatton guarantees that you will walk away from the presentation with a desire to put more PIZZAZZ into your game of life. He is referred to as “Mr. Enthusiasm” because he holds his audiences spellbound with his mixture of high-energy and soul-touching messages.

Hatton, a former high school coach and community college dean, is the director of public relations and development for Abundant Life Schools in Sherwood and a member of the Speakers International Network, the Professional Speakers Alliance, and Toastmasters International.

The presentation is hosted by Phi Beta Lambda as part of its National FBLA/PBL week activities, so come on down to the auditorium and check it out.


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