Don't Miss Your Chance to Feud

If you’re ready to see some more feuding, or if you missed it the first time, stop by and check out UACCM’s version of “Family Feud” on Tuesday, February 17 during X-period in the Fine Arts Auditorium. This time, STUDENTS will be added to the mix and will duke it out with a staff team to see who knows more about UACCM.

Think you know the number one answer to some challenging questions about the UACCM faculty? If you want to participate in the feud, send an E-mail to with “Student Team” in the subject line. The E-mail should include your name, major, number of semesters at UACCM, and three sentences describing why you would make a prefect contestant. The deadline to sign up for consideration is Tuesday, February 10.

The event is part of the Higher Learning Commission accreditation process currently underway at UACCM. All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to attend what is guaranteed to be an entertaining demonstration of the knowledge our staff members and students hold.


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