Wednesday's status...

Well, there's stuff falling from the sky, but it's not frozen. So at this point, it looks like campus will be open tomorrow. Be careful driving in!

If anything changes, we'll be sure to let you know.


  1. Russellville schools will be closed today because of the icy patches. It has not been posted on any of the closings yet, but KARK 7 just announced it on tv. Also, I fell walking from my truck. Luckily, I just twisted my back and bruised my bottom. Since the ice is in patches, extra care needs to be taken to look for it. I never saw it!

  2. Some of us students need to know if classes will be at least be starting late. Since the schools at starting an hour late.

  3. I feel in the parking lot in front of the UC... do you think I can get workmans comp for that? :)

  4. I attempted but found an ice covered highway nine too I turned around and went home.


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