UACCM Pageant Winners

The UA Community College at Morrilton Phi Beta Lambda chapter hosted the second annual UACCM Pageant on Saturday, October 11, 2008, in the Fine Arts Auditorium. The pageant was open to current UACCM students and 10 other categories including boys between the ages of birth and 3 years and girls between the ages of birth and 17 years. The winners of the categories are as follows:

From left to right are as follows: 2008 Ms. UACCM Adrienne Lewis; Ms. UACCM 1st
Alternate, Amanda Medina; Ms. UACCM 2nd Alternate, Jade Cook; Ms. UACCM
3rd Alternate, Lyndsey Cates; Ms. UACCM 4th Alternate, Courtney Andrews
2008 Ms. UACCM, Adrienne Lewis, 18 years, daughter of Gilbert and LeeAnn Lewis, Damascus
1stAlternate, Amanda Medina, 19 years, daughter of Paul Gonzalez and Cindy Tullous, Conway
2ndAlternate, Myka Shadle, 19 years, daughter of Dan and Cyndee Shadle, Conway
3rdAlternate, Lindsey Cates, 19 years, daughter of Connie Cates, Morrilton
4thAlternate, Courtney Andrews, 19 years, daughter of Greg and Tammy Andrews, Morrilton

The winner of Ms. UACCM received a $1,000 scholarship sponsored by the UACCM Student Government Association. The first alternate received a $300 scholarship; the second alternate $200; the third and fourth alternates $100 each. These scholarships are sponsored by the UACCM chancellor’s office. In addition, Lindsey Cates received the Ms. Congeniality award and received a $100 scholarship sponsored by Hagans Dodge of Morrilton. 
2008 Baby Miss UACCM, Emmarsyn Ballard, 5 months, daughter of Jacob and Ayndrea Ballard, Vilonia
1stAlternate, Kyndall Springer, 10 months, daughter of Justin and Jessica Springer, Greenbrier
2ndAlternate, Kortney Wilson, 9 months, daughter of Mark and Alisha Wilson, Quitman
3rdAlternate, Lydia Holland, 10 months, daughter of Justin and Gracie Holland, Perryville

2008 Baby Mr. UACCM, Bryan Crone, 7 months, son of Heather Davis and Harold Crone, Greenbrier
2008 Tiny Miss UACCM, Bethany Langley, 17 months, daughter of Misty Johnson, Perryville
1stAlternate, Corbyn Stacy, 18 months, daughter of Jay and Secret Stacy, Conway
2ndAlternate, Lauren McCool, 15 months, daughter of Traye and Lauralee McCool, Greenbrier
3rdAlternate, Allee Autry, 1 year, daughter of Russell Autry and Brittany Flowers, Atkins

2008 Petite Miss UACCM, Kailynn Garis, 3 years, daughter of Amanda Garis, Springfield
1stAlternate, Audrie Holland, 3 years, daughter of Justin and Gracie Holland, Perryville
2ndAlternate, Abigail Pennington, 2 years, daughter of Jesse and Kacey Pennington, Morrilton
3rdAlternate, Alonah Carroll, 2 years, daughter of Eric and Jennifer Carroll, Springfield
3rdAlternate, Alexis Weeks, 2 years, daughter of Curtis and Bonnie Weeks, Greenbrier

2008 Petite Mr. UACCM, Gage Wilson, 2 years, son of Mark and Alisha Wilson, Quitman
2008 Little Miss UACCM, Brooklyn McCormick, 4 years, daughter of Hank and Krystal McCormick, Atkins
1stAlternate, Keeley Barnhouse, 6 years, daughter of Brad and Ginny Barnhouse, Hector
2ndAlternate, Bailey Gottsponer, 4 years, daughter of John Gottsponer and Amberlie Condley, Solgohachia
3rdAlternate, Makyla Thompson, 4 years, daughter of Angela Fox, Morrilton

2008 Princess Miss UACCM, Breanna Kinder, 8 years, daughter of Kenny and Krystal Kinder, Atkins
1stAlternate, Taylor Huggins, 9 years, daughter of Gary and Robin Huggins, Clinton
2ndAlternate, Breanna Gottsponer, 8 years, daughter of Adam and Mandy Gottsponer, Morrilton
3rdAlternate, Allison Willcutt, 9 years, daughter of Dwayne Willcutt and Melissa Smith, Greenbrier

2008 Preteen Miss UACCM, Erica Ford, 13 years, daughter of Mitchell and Deborah Ford, Atkins
1stAlternate, Brittani Declue, 12 years, daughter of Chris Declue, Dardanelle

2008 Teen Miss UACCM, Chelsy Jones, 16 years, daughter of Randy and Jennifer Jones, Plumerville
1stAlternate, Morgan Birch, 16 years, daughter of Rob and Rita Birch, Morrilton
2ndAlternate, Jessica Wheeler, 14 years, daughter of Mike and Cindy Wheeler, Conway
3rdAlternate, Caroline Pruitt, 14 years, daughter of Steve and Clair Pruitt, Morrilton


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