Instructor Publishes Novel

Dr. Gary Battershell, history instructor at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton, recently published a novel, The Third Epoch: Beyond the World Wall.  It features alien vampires who come to prehistoric Earth during the fictional Third Epoch of Mankind, a time when warring kingdoms occupy the Mediterranean coast and nomadic equestrian tribes rove the wild lands between the River Danube and the frigid peaks of the Carpathian Alps.  
Battershell says:  “The book is an alternate history novel with science-fantasy and horror elements.  It supposes high civilizations before Egypt and alien intervention as a motor of change in human society and technology.”  The author cites Edgar Rice Burroughs as his biggest influence, but also acknowledges debts to British fantasist, Brian Lumley, and grand master science fiction writer, Lester Del Rey.  “Mostly, what I tried to do was entertain, and I’d love to hear from readers as to how well I succeeded.”
The Third Epoch: Beyond the World Wall is available from etreasures publishing in download and print form on and various other internet sites, including


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