UACCM Joins The Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative

The Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative is a new program available at the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton that enables two-year colleges to assist qualified students with career training and classes and help them overcome the barriers that have kept them from getting the education and training they need. 
The Career Pathways program can provide eligible students with Adult Education and Employability Skills classes, as well as short-term certificate and two-year degree programs. Additionally, students may be offered childcare and transportation assistance, tutoring services, and career counseling and placement opportunities. 
The new program will provide students with the support they need to succeed in their education through the efforts of the program staff. Lily Kersh serves as the Career Pathways Director at UACCM, and other members of the staff include a Career Counselor and Peer Tutors. 
To determine if you are eligible to receive assistance through the Career Pathways Initiative, or for other information, contact the Career Pathways office at (501) 977-2186.


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